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Tuesday Feb 23, 2021 2:00-4:00pm; EPA’s Small Drinking Water Systems Webinar on Lead and Copper.
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Source Water Protection:  Helpful Articles and Resources

Protecting Drinking Water At the Source: Information for Our Agriculture Partners  
Effects of Forest Cover on Drinking Water Treatment Costs
Collaboration Protects Sources of Drinking Water
June 15, 2020 National Bulletin NRCS 
Protecting Drinking Water at the Source:  Working with the USDA Forest Service 

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Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Announcement: to main extension agreements entered into after June 30, 2020. All provisions within these rules, with the exception of any reporting requirement under the rules, apply to main extensions; information below
Main Extension Rules
Detailed Main Extensions Doc
Contract Handout Main Extensions Rules Doc
CAD Dispute Resolution Handout Doc

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