The Indiana Section of the American Water Works Association (INAWWA) is the authoritative resource for promoting safe drinking water, public health, safety, and welfare by uniting the efforts of the full spectrum of the drinking water community in the State of Indiana.  Through our collective strength, INAWWA provides timely educational forums, open communications, and support for technical, legislative, and regulatory activities to advance the technology, science, management, and government policies relative to the stewardship of water.

AWWA Goals

  • Ensure AWWA is effective in achieving its mission.
  • Promote consumer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Achieve safe drinking water through knowledge.
  • Promote an effective legislative and regulatory environment for the water community.
  • Promote prudent and responsible managerial, fiscal, and organizational strategies to increase the effectiveness of drinking water organizations.
  • Position AWWA as an international leader of the drinking water community.

Indiana Section AWWA Strategic Issues

  • Education
  • Legislation / Regulation
  • Communications
  • Membership

Indiana Section AWWA Goals

  • Education:  Promote, develop, support, and manage the exchange of drinking water information.
  • Legislation / Regulation:  Advance a legislation and regulation agenda that promotes safe drinking water.
  • Communications:  Establish and enhance the exchange of information regarding safe drinking water.
  • Membership:  Broaden involvement in the drinking water profession