Many years ago, IDEM offered a written test at the beginning of November and in May only, so Operator School had to end by the fall exam.  Then, several years ago IVY Tech agreed with IDEM to proctor the Operator Exams and make them available throughout the year, and very few have taken the written test with IDEM in the fall for several years.  As a result, the exact timing of Operator School became less critical; however, the schedule did not change.  The committee has decided to allow the instructors flexibility in the scheduling of the classes, so there are a few changes.

The date scheduled for the written test at IDEM is November 2, 2023; however, the 12 weeks of classes will begin at different times for each location.  Fort Wayne is back this year, and they, along with Michigan City and Evansville, will start mid-August.  Indianapolis will start in January of 2024.  We are looking for additional instructors and locations, so if anyone has an interest, please contact me ASAP.  The exact days, times and locations can be found on the PDF link for course details, found below.

Information about the One AWWA Operator Scholarship for these Operator School opportunities is posted below.  Do not forget to apply.

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Daily Duties of a Drinking Water Operator

Operator School Application PDF
Online Registration

One AWWA Operator Scholarship  The One AWWA Operator Scholarship will be awarded to two individuals in each of the five Indiana Section Districts.  The funds will be used to cover the cost of the Operator School class, the cost of the recommended books for each recipient and some reimbursement for travel expenses.  Below is the link to the application for the 2023 scholarship: 2023 Op School Scholarship WaterEq Applications for the One AWWA Operator Scholarship must be received by August 11, 2023.