John A. Hardwick, P.E.
Retired – Valparaiso City Utilities
(219) 405-8537

Purpose and Objectives
The mission of the Water Utility Council (WUC) is to develop professional relationships with legislators and regulators. These relationships will allow the WUC to lend expertise and give advice to these groups as they consider laws and regulations that govern the water industry. The goal of the WUC is to act on behalf of the section membership to ensure reasonable, productive regulation of the water industry.

Committee Members

John Hardwick, Chair

Staci Orr
Pat Carroll
Alan DeBoy
Willliam Etzler
Paul Hartman
Bruce Hauk
Matthew Klein


Lindsay Lindgren
Melissa Moran
Mark Nye
Jeff Peters
James Probst
Randy Russell
Michael Simpson
Philip Smith


John Stancati
Nick Stanley
Joe Sutherland
Todd Taylor
Bruno Trimboli
Jim Williams
Jeff Willman
Jack Wittman