Job Opening: Superintendent; Frankfort Municipal Utilities


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Department: WATER WORKS         FLSA Status: Exempt     Salary:  $70,000-$90,000 annually

Main Responsibilities: This position is responsible for the day-today activities, as well as the long-range planning and forecasting for the water works

Reporting Structure: General Manager

Minimum Qualifications:

Indiana Standard Driver’s license

DSL-Distribution System Large

WT3-Water Treatment 3


Minimum Education:

Required: (High School Diploma or Indiana Department of Education equivalent; other (specify)

Vocational school training, or courses by AWWA in water treatment and distribution systems

Other Requirements

This position should receive 20 hours of instruction per year of instruction covering industrial controls, chlorine safety, equipment maintenance procedures, etc.

Must be able to pass pre-employment background and drug screening as well as a random drug and alcohol testing

Must have worked in water treatment or distribution repair


Position Summary

Responsible for the day-to-day activities, as well as the long-range planning and forecasting for the Water Works.  This position will plan maintenance of wells and treatment equipment, as well as the distribution system lines and services, to ensure that the supply of potable water to the City of Frankfort will be adequate and uninterrupted.

Responsible for meeting all requirements of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Environmental Protection Agency, pertaining to the Safe Drinking Water Acts of 1974 and other acts which may affect the operation of the water utility.



Keeping abreast of the financial condition of the Utility and informing the liaison of the department and the general manager of problems or potential problems concerning financial activities

Providing information to the General Manager concerning work that needs to be completed with cost projections and other necessary information

Planning maintenance and repair schedules for equipment, facilities and budgeting for those expenses



Position Responsibilities

Carrying out policies of the City of Frankfort and the Utility Service Board

Employee discipline and training

Implementing safety programs that meet requirements of OSHA

Working with Municipal leaders and officers to provide information on the water system that they may require

Meeting with the heads of the Water departments (metering, treatment and distribution) to coordinate work to be done, needs within the department and goals to be met

Complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports for the State of Indiana

Must have knowledge of basic water chemistry for the evaluation of different types of treatment on the finished water and municipal water systems and the regulations which affect those systems

Must have certification from IDEM for our distribution system as classified by IDEM

Must be able to communicate both through the spoken word and written word and must be able to communicate with the fellow employees and coworkers

Must be capable of providing a multi-year plan that can be followed to provide a better utility.  Must have a technical background that will allow for new development in the water industry to be analyzed in a logical manner

Must have a technical background that will allow for new development in the water industry to be analyzed in a logical manner

Ability to meet physical demands such as, sitting for extended periods, move intermittently thought the workday to various facilities and in inclement weather.  Must have strong sensory skills, such as good eyesight, good hearing and dexterity.  Must have the ability to pay close attention to detail and have good speaking and listening skills.

Must be able to operate office equipment, including computers, copiers, phones and be able to interact with others, both in person and through phone, e-mail and written correspondence.

Other duties as assigned.




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