Job Opening- Capital Projects Manager, City of Bloomington, IN


POSITION: Capital Projects Manager
DEPARTMENT: Utilities – Engineering
FLSA: Exempt
EEO4 Code: Utilities and Transportation/Professionals
This job description is illustrative only and is not a comprehensive listing of all job functions
performed. The following are essential duties for this position, performed with or without
reasonable accommodation:

Essential (primary)

 Oversees planning and development of capital and maintenance projects for the water and
wastewater; treatment plants, distribution system, and collection system.
 Develops and updates the two, five and ten year Utilities Department Capital
Improvement Plan.
 Oversees the planning and assists with the design of upgrades for water and wastewater
treatment plants components and operations.
 Oversees contract administration for capital and maintenance projects involving
contractors performing consulting, design and construction services for the department.
Reviews change orders and requests for payment for services related to capital and
maintenance projects.
 Coordinates construction and maintenance project activities in the field.
 Reviews professional engineering design documents related to water and wastewater
treatment plants, lift stations and water booster stations prepared by private sector
consultants related to system expansion and repair.
 Assists in preparation of guidelines and bidding documents, solicits contract bids,
reviews bids received and recommends award of bids.
 Assists legal counsel and consultants with preparation of contracts, agreements, and other
legal documents concerning Utilities Department capital and maintenance projects.
 Assists in the maintenance and planning for SCADA systems utilization and upgrades.
 Interacts with public and private sector regarding departmental capital and maintenance
projects including public meetings and presentations.
Non-Essential (secondary)

Performs related duties as required.

Takes all reasonable steps to maintain a safe work environment.

Minimum knowledge equivalent to a BS Degree in Civil Engineering or related field.
Five years’ work experience related to the design, coordination and implementation of major
capital and maintenance projects in water and wastewater treatment collection, treatment and
distribution systems.
Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of water and wastewater
construction and maintenance.
Ability to effectively supervise, direct, and evaluate the work of others.
Ability to maintain accurate records and prepare factual reports.
Minimum of three years’ experience managing the work of professional consultants and
Thorough knowledge of computer and related equipment for water and wastewater network and
treatment calculations, word processing, creating and maintaining complex spreadsheets, data
base management, computer-aided drafting and other software relevant to the functions of the
Thorough knowledge of principles and practices in the planning and development of budgetary
requests, and proven ability to track and administer project budgets after approval.
Valid Indiana Driver's license.

Majority of work is performed according to general directions and/or in conjunction with
department policies and guidelines. Work is periodically reviewed for overall soundness and
conformance with general goals and policy. Non-routine concerns are reviewed with the
Assistant Director – Engineering or the Director at the incumbent's discretion.
Reports directly to the Assistant Director – Engineering.

Most work is performed independently of supervisory review, with unusual situations being
reviewed by the Assistant Director – Engineering. Applies knowledge of engineering,
construction, treatment and planning practices related to utility rules and regulations, and
exercises independent judgment to ensure the efficient implementation of capital and
maintenance projects and related planning activity.
Applies management principles and practices to perform duties of the position with minimal
supervision. Independently applies law and utility rules in providing information and direction to
employees, contractors and consultants. Errors in judgement are not immediately apparent and
could lead to substantial financial loss and public embarrassment to the Department and the City.
Performs duties that are broad in scope, requiring the ability to analyze and interpret a variety of
significant and complex variables. This position requires the ability to interpret, adapt and apply
a wide range of laws, rules, regulations and accounting procedures which are often vague and
unclear to a variety of department-wide situations and cases. Work often includes the
independent analysis of unusual circumstances, often complex in nature, to determine the best
method to achieve desired results. Errors are not readily apparent through supervisory review and
may result in the substantial loss of department monies and violation of federal, state and local
rules and regulations.
Most work is performed in a modern office environment, with required site visits that cause
exposure to industrial and construction-related hazards and all weather conditions. May be
required to perform tasks requiring moderate physical exertion.
Frequently required to work overtime and attend evening meetings and maintains availability 24
hours per day, 7 days per week in the event of critical situations and emergencies.
Maintains frequent contact with department superior and subordinate personnel, independent
contractors, local, state and federal government officials, media representatives, private sector
business representatives and the general public for the purpose of coordinating and directing
planning, design and implementation of capital and maintenance projects.