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July 19, 2023: Northeast District Meeting; Fort Wayne, IN

Online Registration Sponsorship Online Registration Agenda IDEM Approved 4 Technical Water Hours & 4 General Wastewater Hours   Registration Begins:  7:30AM Local Time Workshop Begins:  8:00AM Lunch Buffet & Baseball Game Begins:  12:05PM     Location:  Parkview Field 1301 Ewing … Continued

September 21, 2023: Southeast District Fall Meeting

IDEM Approved 4 Technical Water and Wastewater 1 Technical Hour and 3 General Hours Location:  Greensburg City Hall 314 West Washington Street Greensburg, IN 47240 Registration at 8:00am Meeting Begins:  8:30am Would you like to participate in the Meter Challenge?  … Continued

September 29, 2023: Northwest District Fall Meeting

IDEM Approval:  Wastewater 4 General Hours- Water 4 Technical Location:  Swan Lake Resort/Conference Center 5203 Plymouth Laporte Trail Plymouth, IN 46563 Registration begins:  8:30am Meeting Begins:  9:00am   Online Registration NW District PDF  Are you interested in participating in the … Continued

October 11, 2023: Northeast District Fall Meeting; Auburn

Location:  Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum 1600 South Wayne Street Auburn, IN 46706 Registration begins at 8:00am local time Pending IDEM Approval NE District Flyer & Registration Form Online Registration Meter Challenge- Please let us know if you are interested … Continued

October 19, 2023: Southwest District Fall Meeting; Washington

IDEM Approval is Pending Location:    Washington Park Department Kiwanis Cabin 501 Burkhart Drive Washington, IN 47501 (inside eastside park @ top of hill) Registration begins:  8:00am (eastern time) $40 per attendee SW District _ Reg Form Online Registration  

October 27, 2023: Central District Fall Meeting

Location:  Citizens Energy Group 2150 Dr. M.L.K Street Indianapolis, IN 46202 Registration:  $40 Online Registration CN District Form PDF Meter Challenge- Please let us know if you are interested in participating. INAWWA-Meter-Challenge-Competitor-Enrollment Form