ALERT To All InAWWA Members

ALERT  to all InAWWA members :

A request has come in from the AWWA Washington DC Office  to call out the troops to support by  calling, faxing, mailing  or emailing your member of congress to promote the passage of WIFIA.  We have never been closer to passage of WIFIA than we are presently.  When Phil Smith, Mike Simpson and Gary Bryant visited the Indiana delegation this spring, we received more interest in most congressional offices than ever before, so please AWWA members let your congress person know we need to get this important water issue passed!

Below is information from the AWWA Insider to assist you in your contact:

House passes water resources bill; WIFIA action due soon

WIFIA is now closer than ever to becoming law, so the time is right to take action in support of it.

As you most likely know by now, WIFIA – the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority – would make low-interest federal loans available to communities for water and wastewater projects. There has been important movement this week in U.S. Congress. The House of Representatives approved the Water Resources Reform Development Act H.R. 3080, on a 417-3 vote Wednesday. Unlike its counterpart in the Senate, S. 601, the House bill does not contain a title creating a WIFIA, but that was expected. A House-Senate “conference committee” will convene soon to produce a single water resources bill that will go back to each body for a vote without amendment.

Meanwhile, work is also continuing on a standalone WIFIA bill in the House. While WIFIA already will be eligible for consideration in the aforementioned House-Senate conference (because it is in the already passed Senate bill), your support is needed for the standalone bill in the House as well. That’s because House members will need to feel as much WIFIA support as possible from their constituents for the provision to succeed in whatever final legislation emerges.

Therefore, AWWA is asking its membership to contact their representatives in the House and ask them to support Rep. Bob Gibbs of Ohio in his work on WIFIA. Gibbs is chair of the House Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment. AWWA has produced a letter templatesummary paper, and talking points for use in phone calls or personal visits.

John A. Hardwick, P.E.

Water Utility Council Chair