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Purpose and Objectives The mission of the Water Utility Council (WUC) is to develop professional relationships with legislators and regulators. These relationships will allow the WUC to lend expertise and give advice to these groups as they consider laws and regulations that govern the water industry. The goal of the WUC is to act on behalf of the section membership to ensure reasonable, productive regulation of the water industry.   Return to the Committees Page


Determining Your Legislative Districts and Legislators

The Indiana House is comprised of 100 single-member districts, with all 100 members elected every two years in even-numbered (General Election) years. The Indiana Senate is comprised of 50 single-member districts, with half the members elected to a four-year term every two years.

How to Find Your Legislators

To find your legislative district and Hoosier legislators in the Indiana House of Representatives, Indiana Senate, and United States House of Representatives, go to and click “Who’s Your Legislator?”. To obtain information about your legislators, click his or her name.

How to Contact Your Legislators

In addition to contacting them at home on most weekends during the legislative session, you can reach your legislators by mail, by telephone and (in most cases) by e-mail. For additional information on contacting your legislators, click here.

How and What to Communicate with Your Legislators

If you have not previously contacted your legislators, doing so for the first time can be intimidating. Remember that they are your elected representatives in Indiana government, and you have a right to communicate with and to “lobby” them, based on your views. For suggestions on how to approach and deal with legislators and other public officials, click here


Find your legislative district and Hoosier legislators

Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Department of Natural Resources • Division of Water

AWWA Government Affairs