The Indiana Section AWWA is proud to be partnering with the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) to provide Water Loss Audit training and Water Loss Audit Validator Training.

Background – Under SEA4, all community water systems are required to completed a water loss audit every year.  Every even year (beginning in 2020) a validated water audit is to be submitted to IFA. Utilities will utilize the most recent version of the AWWA Free Water Audit Software to complete their audit.  This Microsoft Excel based tool can be found on AWWA’s website at For a complete Q&A, visit the IFA Water Loss Resource Website 

Water Loss Audit Training –  To assist utilities in completing their audit, a series of free workshops will be held across the state.  Trained instructors and staff will be onsite to guide utilities through the audit process.  Attendees who bring the requested information can complete the audit at the training. Registration is required.  To register, see below.

Water Loss Validator Training – Utilities and individuals wishing to become Certified Water Loss Audit Validators can attend validation training classes around Indiana.  This two-day class will conclude with a certification exam.  The certification will be valid for 4 years.  Attendees must have attended the water loss audit training class to attend the validator training class.  Due to the materials needed for this class, pre-registration is required for this training. Utilities may self-validate their water audit if the validator holds an Indiana Water Loss Audit Validator certification and did not provide any assistance during the water loss audit process to the utility being validated.  The cost for this course is $290, with an additional $250 payable to IFA upon successful completion of the course and exam. The IFA will call for Certified Validators to follow the Level 1 Water Audit Validation guidance manual developed by the Water Research Foundation.  That manual can be found here – attendees are encouraged to review this manual prior to attending the class.  Additionally, the supplies found on this listing are required to be brought with you to the class:  Validator Class Requirements

Technical Assistance for both the water loss audit training and the validator training will be available and can be accessed by contacting our team.

For technical assistance, email or contact 317-426-7437 (M-F, 8am-4pm).

For general assistance, email or contact 866-213-2796.

A list of certified water loss validators will be available on the IFA Water Loss Audit website.

What Do I Need to Complete My Audit?

You will need to bring with you a laptop computer with the AWWA Free Water Audit Software downloaded.   You will also need information regarding your system to complete the audit.  The following checklist will assist you with the data you need to be ale to complete the audit worksheet.

Items Needed to Complete Audit


Ready to Register

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our training locations.

Currently registration is open for Water Audit 101 refresher classes with a focus on the new Version 6.0 software.

Online Registration for Water Loss Audit 101: October 27 Ferdinand AND November 18 Greenfield