The Youth Water Science Education Grant plans to continue its highly successful program this coming year. The Youth Water Science Education Grant provides funding for education in regards to understanding, protecting, and conserving supply and quality of our natural resources for drinking water purposes for any third through eighth grade teacher or group of teachers within the State of Indiana. Typical areas of projects may include topics like:

• Promotes understanding, protecting, and conserving supply and quality of water

• Hydrologic cycle

• Water quality impacts

• Treatment of drinking water

• Usage of drinking water

During the month of August, grants award program packets will be distributed to all superintendents in the State of Indiana, for distribution to their third through eighth grade teachers. Those applications can be accepted anytime, but must be submitted before October 15th. The winning applicants will be notified between November 15th and December 15th.

The Youth Water Science Education Grant was named in honor of the late Harold M. Spaetti, a long-time active member of the Indiana Section, AWWA. Mr. Spaetti was employed by Ulrich Chemical, Evansville for 40 years. In 1982, he received the Fuller Award, which is presented annually to one individual in recognition of their distinguished service to the water supply field. He is a graduate of Evansville University and a World War II veteran. Mr. Spaetti was married for over 50 years, has three children, six grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren.

We would encourage all of you to contact your local grade schools and middle schools and request they apply for this grant. We have awarded approximately $50,000 over the past few years, and I am sure you would like some of that money to go to your local schools.

Please contact the Section office if you have any suggestions or requests for application packets.

To access the Youth Water Science Guidelines and Application, click on this link: AWWA Grant Application