Each year the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has presented the John N. Hurty Service Award to individuals having 25 years or more of service with one or more Indiana public water utilities.  These awards are presented each year at the Indiana Section AWWA fall district meetings.

The Indiana Section AWWA is in its seventh year of providing the administration for these awards.  Due to State budget constraints, IDEM is no longer able to provide the management of these awards.  The Indiana Section Executive Board feels that these service awards continue to be a valuable recognition to long-serving public water utility employees; therefore, the Indiana Section volunteered to provide administration of the John N. Hurty Service Awards.

Please review your records and advise of your staff that may qualify for the John N. Hurty Award.  The below document – Conditions Governing Presentation of the John N. Hurty Award – can guide you in those qualifications.

Conditions of Hurty Award

We will need the employee’s name, date of employment, years of employment, utility (and contact information) and Indiana Section AWWA district.  The below form can be used to submit that information:

Nomination Form

Please review your records yearly and submit this information to the Indiana Section AWWA no later than June 1 of each year.