2014 Utility Benchmarking Survey – Closes September 30, 2014

AWWA encourages your utility’s participation in the current Utility Benchmarking Survey which focuses on collecting 2013 performance data.  Water, wastewater, and combined utilities are encouraged to record and return their information for inclusion in the aggregated results.  Participating utilities will receive a free summary report of their performance results relative to the aggregate of all participating utilities.  Individual utility performance data is held confidential


2014 Utility Benchmarking Survey


By evaluating water and wastewater performance data and trends, utility managers and decision makers can identify areas for potential improvements.  Participation in the utility benchmarking process provides a starting point to determine where inefficiencies lie as well as guidance regarding establishing or revising performance targets.  The survey period will remain open until September 30, 2014.  If you have any questions, please contact benchmarking@awwa.org