Job Opening – Water Utility Superintendent – Southern Indiana

Background – A confidential search is underway for a Water Superintendent in Southern Indiana.  The organization represents a growing Indianapolis-based contract operations firm with an immediate need for a hands-on superintendent/manager to assist in the operations, maintenance and management of a water distribution system they operate under contract I the vicinity of Floyds Knobs, Indiana. The successful candidate for this position will either be employed directly by the water utility, or the aforementioned contract operations firm. This particular utility is a purchased groundwater DSL distribution system that serves around 1,800 customers in a growing suburb of New Albany, Indiana and by extension, Louisville, Kentucky.

This position requires a minimum Indiana Class DSM Distribution System Certification, though a DSL is preferred.  Equivalent certification from other states will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Job Description  The overarching goal of this job is to provide safe and aesthetically-pleasing drinking water to customers in a reliable and cost-effective manner. In order to ensure this goal is met, this position is responsible for managing all administrative and operational functions associated with a water utility. The holder of this job will report to both the Regional Manager of the firm we represent (if you are directly employed by said firm), ad the governing body of the water utility.

While a successful candidate for this position will need to possess managerial skills, the small size of the utility requires a “hands on” approach and ability to work and lead staff without direct supervision. A lot of time will be spent: working alongside the technicians and subcontractors you will be responsible for managing; directly performing repairs and maintenance in the field; and responding to emergency service calls and customer service matters.

The Administrative Staff, which is composed of two full-time individuals, is responsible for: billing, collections and customer service; payment of subcontractor invoices; and organizing financial data for regulatory and accounting functions. The Operations Staff, which is composed of one assistant superintendent and the superintendent, is responsible for: meter reads and maintenance; routine testing, sample collection and regulatory reporting; line flushing and system maintenance; and emergency services such as line breaks. Functions such as laboratory analysis, accounting, and most excavating and line repairs are subcontracted.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Management of Staff: approve and institute work schedules and hours; assign and monitor staff tasks and duties; develop staff and organizational standards and milestones (and monitor compliance); ensure proper training and certification; ensure adequate safety training; cross train staff to provide redundancy; proactively settle employee grievances; and conduct annual staff performance reviews.
  2. Supervise and Sometimes Perform: routine water quality testing and sample collection; installation and permitting of water mains, line taps, meters and meter pits; repair and/or replacement of fire hydrants, blow-offs, valves and valve boxes; flushing of water mains, fire hydrant flow testing, exercise of valves, and service of hydrants to maintain water quality; monitor and maintain booster pump stations; respond to emergencies, including water main breaks and boil water advisories; share 24/7 on-call duties with operations staff; respond to customer complaints, including leaks, low water pressure and unusual meter readings; Indiana 811 utility locates.
  3. Reporting and Records: ensure successful completion of regulatory reports for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), and keep all reports and records organized and readily accessible; compile and report data for annual consumer confidence reports; develop and administer preventative maintenance program; read and update water distribution maps and as-built plans; conduct monthly reconciliation of gallons purchased with gallons sold (with allowable unaccounted loss of 15% maximum); monitor daily water use and be alert for unusual changes which could indicate water main breaks, etc.; and operate computers to enter and retrieve data and prepare written an computerized records and reports.
  4. Communication: maintain frequent communication with company Regional Manager (if applicable); attend monthly utility board meetings, and provide written updates as necessary; and keep lines of communication open with regulatory authorities.
  5. Planning: engage in short and long-term planning to meet future service and regulatory needs; assist with annual budgeting; maintain an adequate inventory of equipment, tools, and supplies; schedule periodic painting and maintenance of water tower; and maintain emergency response plans.
  6. Oversee and approve subcontractors and related invoices for: excavation, construction and repair services; supplies and materials; and outside services.
  7. Safety: ensure compliance with OSHA safety guidelines for the workplace; arrange routine staff safety training for confined spaces and trench safety; monitor worksites for proper use of barricades and signage; and maintain all necessary safety equipment in working order.

Education & Certifications – At a minimum, a successful candidate must have the following:

  • A High School Diploma
  • A valid Drivers’ License
  • An Indiana Class DSM distribution system license
  • Commitment to obtain additional certification if necessary
  • History of holding managerial positions and responsibilities
  • Strong organization skills
  • Mechanical inclination

Special preference is given to candidates that possess higher levels of education and/or drinking water licensure; superior written communication skills; confined space certification and knowledge of trenching and shoring safety standards; ability to operate construction equipment; proficiency with hand tools, tap machines, pavement saws, cutting torches and welders; and electrical skills or certification.

Compensation – Compensation will be commensurate with a candidate’s qualifications and experience. This position offers generous pay and benefits, including paid time-off, health insurance, and retirement plans. The organization represented is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and is committed to retaining talented and hard-working employees.

Further Information – We wish to fill this position as soon as possible; if you are interested and feel you are well-suited, submit (via mail or email) a resume and complete the attached employment application.


Subject: Water Superintendent Job

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