Job Opening – Pretreatment/Laboratory Analyst Technician – Valparaiso City Utilities

The Valparaiso City Utilities is accepting applications from January 7, 2019 through January 14, 2019 for a Pretreatment/Laboratory Analyst Technician.

Position Purpose – Incumbent is responsible to implement and maintain the Industrial Pretreatment Program and oversee the WRD’s Municipal Biosolids Land Application Program. Incumbent is also responsible for conducting analysis upon wastewater and collection system samples, monitoring wastewater treatment processes through visual inspections of collected and interpretation of laboratory data.

Essential Position Functions –┬áResponsible for:

  • Adherence to all regulatory permits (NPDES) and Federal Clean Water Act.
  • Assuring that all pretreatment and land application activities and schedules are followed as per regulations.
  • Performing on-site reviews, inspections and sampling of industrial user systems, while being exposed to inclement weather and potentially dangerous/hazardous industrial processes (chemicals, moving mechanical parts, heat exposure, etc.) on a daily basis.
  • Discuss findings, documenting findings and follow-up communications with all users of the City’s Sanitary Wastewater Collection System as necessary.
  • Monitoring user discharges, following approved sampling techniques, analytical methods, chain of custody protocol, reviewing and reporting results.
  • Attending meetings, conferences, and workshops, documenting results as required.
  • Reviewing laboratory, pretreatment, and biosolid related documents, reviewing reports, developing discharge permits, preparing/submitting periodic reports to appropriate authorities. Writing/submitting ordinance revisions to USEPA, IDEM and the local governing body.
  • Inspecting and reviewing domestic, industrial wastewater and biosolid analyses and reports.
  • Keeping the Pretreatment Program and the Land Application Program current with all federal legislation.
  • Protecting the wastewater treatment plant and the collection system from illegal dischargers and suggesting enforcement response protocol.
  • Performing required activities, such as soil sampling, biosolid sampling, water table monitoring and field marking at selected farmland sites for the Land Application Program.
  • Ensuring the application of plant biosolids at regulated agronomical rates onto selected farmland sites through analysis and by making adjustments to the amount of biosolids applied as required.
  • Developing, completing and submitting all regulatory reports for the Pretreatment Program and the Land Application Program.

Marginal Functions – Responsible for:

  • Running analytical testing on wastewater and biosolids samples when necessary.
  • Taking inventory of materials and equipment.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting all analytical equipment and instruments used by the laboratory.
  • Maintaining all required certifications and training, as required.
  • Assisting other departments, as required.
  • Serving on City committees, as required.

The intent of this position description is to provide a representative summary of the essential and marginal responsibilities performed by incumbents of this position. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in the description.

Education, Job Standards and/or Experience – To be successful in this position an applicant must possess:

  • A minimum of an Associate’s Degree in biology, chemistry, or an environmentally related science program with a minimum of two (2) years of experience in both industrial pretreatment and land application of municipal biosolids.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • The ability to obtain and maintain an IDEM Class B Industrial Wastewater Certification.
  • The ability to retain CPR and First Aid certifications.
  • The ability to meet OSHA required training and certifications.
  • The ability to use and maneuver equipment and machines up to 50 lbs. in weigh including, but not limited to: computer, office machines, D.O. meters, analytical scales, auto-samplers or other appropriate sampling devices, laboratory equipment.
  • A knowledge of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment to solve and prevent problems.
  • An ability to perform facility inspections and conduct user inspections.
  • An ability to write and revise documents to initiate/rewrite permits, ordinances and procedures.
  • An ability to perform proper water sampling and preservation procedures to process samples for analysis.
  • Technical wastewater laboratory skills for the calibration of laboratory equipment.
  • A knowledge of wastewater treatment plant theories and principals.
  • An ability to read and understand laws, rules, and regulations to update procedures.
  • An effective use of written and verbal communication skills.
  • An ability to analyze wastewater treatment samples for certain NPDES parameters.
  • An ability to complete work assignments assigned by supervisor according to established procedures, standards, and work methods.
  • An ability to follow established safety procedures while completing work activities and operating assigned equipment.
  • An ability to follow established standards used in departmental operations.
  • A strong customer service orientation.
  • An ability to work with others.
  • An ability to understand and follow verbal and written commands.
  • An ability and willingness to work overtime as required.

The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent and resumes is the end of the business day on January 11, 2019. Letters of Intent or questions regarding this position should be forwarded to Paul Scott, WRD Superintendent at 219-462-6174 ext 1352 or

The City of Valparaiso is an equal opportunity employer. This position description does not constitute an employment contract. The City is an at-will employer.