Job Opening – Control Center Operator – City of Anderson Water Department

The City of Anderson Water Department is seeking a qualified applicant for Control Center Operator. This position is a union position, Local 108 of the Utility Works Union of America, AFL-CIO. Class/Pay Range: LTC – $22.85/hour (probationary pay rate), $23.85 after (90) calendar day probation period Additional certification pay: WT5 ($3.00/hour), WT3 ($2.00/hr), DSL ($0.95/hr).  Friday through Tuesday – 3pm-11pm.

Interested individuals with the required qualifications must apply online at  The City of Anderson does not discriminate on the basis of disability. Equal opportunity employer. Appropriate testing may be used in the recruiting and placement process.

Incumbent serves as Control Center Operator for the Anderson Water Utility Department and is responsible for operating and monitoring a variety of control panels, charts, gauges, and read outs concerning treatment processes and flow volumes.


  • Operates or monitors control panel and other various functions to ensure adequate quality, and quantity of water in accordance with utility guidelines and procedures.
  • Maintains daily log of plant activities by the recording of specific data and read outs in accordance with utility guidelines and procedures.  
  • Backwashes filters as required.
  • Conducts routine tests for water quality standards as required.  
  • Responds to customer service and trouble phone calls and takes appropriate action.
  • Uses and completes forms, tickets, and work orders in accordance with utility procedures and instructions.
  • Switches chlorine supply to new tank as required.
  • Changes recording charts and ink supplies as well as performs custodial duties as required.
  • Informs foreman or maintenance of equipment malfunctions and repair needs.
  • Functions as dispatch when drafting is closed.
  • Routinely surveys grounds for maintenance of security.  
  • Performs related duties as assigned.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Extensive knowledge of filter operations, piping system, and valves necessary to operate the filters properly and to maintain proper pressures in the lines and level of water in storage tanks.
  • Ability to be courteous and handle trouble calls satisfactorily.  
  • Ability to read a variety of meters and gauges and to record readings on the proper forms as required.
  •  Ability to perform physical requirements associated with performance of duties.


Guidelines and procedures are given to the incumbent by the supervisor and work duties are indicated on the control panels. Non-routine duties or difficulties are referred to maintenance or supervision. Errors or inattention may seriously detract from producing a safe and potable supply of water.

Incumbent reports directly to the Maintenance General Foreman.

Physical Effort:

Incumbent is required to periodically exert moderate strain in turning various valves, climbing stairs, with majority of work performed in an office environment. 

Working Environment:

Incumbent works alone and exposed to hazards of handling chlorine gas hook-ups and adjustments to dosage. Leaks may occur and dangerous gas accidents are not uncommon, requiring the use of safety gear and equipment as needed.


Must possess an Indiana WT 5 Drinking Water Certification.